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Sandra Viviana Murillo Morales, arQ RunicoS

Sandra Viviana Murillo Morales, arQ RunicoS, is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Colombia, now based in Tiohtiá:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal. Her artistic journey is a testament to resilience and transformation. Trained as an architect, she transitioned from two decades of freehand drawing in landscape planning and urban design to develop a unique ambidextrous technique using coloured pencils on various media in 2019. Her technique serves as a metaphor for her body’s rebirth overcoming an unexpected critical illness. Viviana’s art not only invites reflection, but also conveys impactful stories about the regenerative power of our bodies, echoing the resilient force of nature adapting to urban environments. Her abstract forms capture her synaesthetic perception of the world through colour.

Viviana’s creative process is intuitive and stems from the architectural principle “form follows function,” which during her practice in landscape planning and urban design, it was transformed into “form follows nature“. Thought her artistic practice, she rediscovered how “nature follows colour,” delving into the interplay of nature, colour, light, and sensorial perception of forms. Today, her body of work extends from ambidextrous drawings, to her signature three-dimensional ephemeral paper sculptures, ‘topo.graphies’ of her emotions.

Driven by determination, her focus lies in creating immersive 3D experiences composed by her human-scaled drawings and sculptures, aiming to conquer urban landscapes with public art installations. As her artistic vision unfolds, she envisions integrating digital art into her expanding repertoire.

Aside from her artistic practice, she facilitates workshops to share her ambidextrous drawing technique – a mindfulness exercise designed to rediscover the creative power housed in both brain hemispheres.



Instagram: @arqrunicos_colour

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Artistic Projects

2023 – 2024 – “Planting a Forest in Colour” and2022-2023 – “A Forest in Colour”, financed by Le Conseil des Arts de Montréal. A mixed-media installation reflecting on the impact of the absence of nature and the resiliency of urban landscapes, the regenerative power of native trees adapting to urban development and surviving in Montreal urban parks.

2022 – “Polvo de Vida | Life’s Dust |Poussière de vie” (2022), screenwriter and performer, experimental / biographical documentary short film directed by Alejandro Jiménez

Upcoming Exhibitions

Spring (2024) – Espace Loüable, Montréal QC – “A Forest in Colour” artistic residence and exhibition.

Autumn (2024) – Galerie*Atelier Lucie Michel, Montréal QC, “A Forest in Colour” solo exhibition.

Past Exhibitions

Galerie Valmi, Montréal QC, July (2023) – Summer collective exhibition with Artists in Montreal. Artwork: “The Mountain Silent Symphony” (2022), 24 x 12 in.

Galerie*Atelier Lucie Michel, Montréal QC, May (2023) – Gallery launch with Ovarian Cancer Canada. Artworks: “A Forest in Colour” (2022), 8 x 8 in drawings; unveiling of “Duality on Fertility” (2023), 14 x 70 in drawing and sculpture; “La Route Turquoise en Couleur” (2021), 5 x5x in drawings. Film screening: “Life Dust | Poussière de vie” (2022).

LEAD Learning Center, Laval, QC, September (2022) – Summer collective exhibition with Artists in Montreal in collaboration with Make It Matter non-profit organization. Artwork: “Discovery” (2022) 16 x 24 in


2022 Peggy Truscott Award of Hope by Ovarian Cancer Canada, Québec Regional – Canada

In recognition for her community impact and artistic talents to support women living with Ovarian Cancer

Sandra Viviana Murillo Morales, arQ RunicoS