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Sandra-Viviana Murillo-Morales

Sandra Viviana Murillo-Morales, arQ RunicoS, was born in Bogota, Colombia and am currently based in Montreal. She is a contemporary visual artist practicing conscious ambidextrous drawing. Trained as an architect in Colombia, freehand drawing was always an essential tool to communicate in her professional practice in landscape architecture and urban design. Bringing nature into urban environments is my passion.
Viviana developed an ambidextrous drawing technique using colour pencils and watercolour on different media paper. The genesis of this process began after being diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2019. She began exercising both hands to alleviate pain from chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy in my fingers, a chronic side effect caused by cancer treatments.
Her creative process is intuitive and focuses on gratitude for life. Her abstract forms are transcriptions of sensorial perceptions through colour synesthesia she experience since her childhood, which inform my design and artistic sensitivity.
As an architect, Viviana wants to create 3D spatially experiential art. She began developing ephemeral sculptures I call ‘topo.graphies of emotions’ made of crumpled colorful bilateral drawings on tracing paper. These sculptures are shaped with my two hands, by modelling ‘landscapes’, peaks and valleys, of my own emotions. She takes photographic studies of these forms immersed in artificial and natural environments to convey, at different scale, sensations and reactions to the viewer.
arQ RunicoS goal is to work with large format drawings and sculptures to develop public art interventions, and eventually digital art. Her art goal is to convey impactful stories that echo the regenerative power of our bodies, mirrored in the adaptiveness of nature.
She facilitates workshops to share her ambidextrous drawing technique as a mindfulness exercise to boost our creativity promoting the use of our two hands to discover the forgotten power housed in both brain hemispheres.


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